Geometric Constructions as Art ages 8-12
with Beth Anne Moonstone

Spring Session: 5 week sessions

Geometric Constructions as Art for ages 8-12

Free Hand Form Drawing And Geometric Constructions

Tuesday 10:30am-12pm Jan 17-Feb 28 and  Mar 7-April 4

Cost is $100. for a 5 week session

in Amherst, MA

Taught by Beth Anne Moonstone contact beth@peacefrog.org

Students will learn about the basic concepts and terms of geometry while creating geometric constructions and turning them into works of art. The class will work with free form drawings in pencil and block crayon and use a ruler, compass and colored pencils for our geometric constructions. This class is great for students that love to draw, color and create and those who want to explore math through geometry. Students will need to bring a set of color pencils and a 11x14 sketch book to class. I recommend Lyra, Koh-I-Noor woodless or Prismacolor pencils. I will provide rulers and matching compasses for all students. As always there is some flexibility in the age range

(*Please be aware that since this class takes place in my home and not a public space it may not be a good fit if your child has a severe allergy to nuts, cats or other contact allergens.)