Classes, Workshops & Adult Programs

"Be honorable, be honest, be kind, work hard - because anything worth doing is hard, and be AWESOME" Wil Wheaton

Saturday February 25th 1-3pm Introduction to Cold Process Soap Making

Come learn to make cold process soap, understand the chemistry and equipment required.  Ages 15+ Cost is $40. per person

Sunday March 19th 1-3:30pm Introduction to Soft Cheese Making.

We will learn beginning cheese making with soft cheese by making cottage cheese and garlic cheese spread. This class will also include a discussion of equipment and supplies needed, the basic chemistry of cheese making, recipes and a cheese tasting. Ages 15+ Cost is $40. per person. 

Sunday April TBA 10am Intro to Home Brewing

During thie class we will brew from all grain a 10 gallon batch of beer. In between the various stages of brewing we will discuss small batch brewing on the stove top, brewing from kits, equipment, grains, basic chemistry of brewing and beer styles. Ages 16+ Cost is $40. per person (thos 21+ will get to sample a variety of beer styles)

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